The name of the coin is not announced and is not traded anywhere, after publication on the stock exchanges we will inform the name of the ticker in official news.
SmartHoldem is a new block chain and a real coin, not a token of the Ethereum. Please be careful!



Decentralized Gaming Platform on BlockChain

Decentralized multi-architectural game platform that is open and interactive with people online in real time without any restrictions.

DistributedDNS / Names
IntegratedProgram Language
NewSource Code
New equitableProof-of-Stake
Entropyseed rng


Technology SmartHoldem

Innovative technologies in a single well-functioning mechanism.

Cross-Chain Tx

Used for exchanges between BlockChains, Coins on GameChips - fast, non-commissioned gaming units. GameChips 1000:1 STH


Additional BlockChain. The most compact, protected from "bad" chains, a new technology developed within the framework of SmartHoldem, stores game statistics.


The new technology protocol, developed in the SmartHoldem platform, is the heart of the system, the guarantor, the arbiter in games and the betting bank.


In contrast to the standard blocks, where the entire amount is taken by one user who found the block. SuperBlocks distribute capital between a large number of users that are suitable for deterministic conditions.


Annual tournament with a self-renewing tournament fund. The fund balance is available in the BlockChain browser at any time. Special addresses are not available for anyone.

Random Numbers Generator

A decentralized random number generator with a real entropy SEED, we get really random values by reading the noise of computer devices.


It is actually a cloud-based decentralized gaming network within the SmartHoldem with open source , functioning on SuperNodes. The real useful work of computers is performed.


Specialized storage addresses for game banks are not available to anyone, except for the automated contract system SmartEvents.


Unique technology of the affiliate in BlockChain.

Advanced Transactions

Advanced Transaction Options: TimeLock, Payment with encrypted message, MultiPay, SuperBlock Tx, Tournament, RegName. The options are constantly expanding.

Defence from Erroneous commissions.

Friendly MultiSig

Development of friendly and advanced multi-signatures with MAST - Thousands of multi-signatures in 1 transaction, without disclosing all participants. Flexible conditions for signatures.

Turing Machine

Research and integration of the turing language based on CIYAM.

We adhere to a two-tiered approach, where contracts are stored in BlockChain but executed outside of it.

Team SmartHoldem

Professional developers, designers, marketers, managers, analysts and players.

Co Founder
Developer, Lead Programmer, All tech processes
Co Founder
Game Dev. Lead, Game Designer,Marketing & Communication,PR
ART & Design
Art & Design, Interface, Usability
William Volos V
Game Client Prototyper, Game Mechanics, C#, JAVA
Web Developer
Web-Developer, CMS & Servers Administration
Bounty Manager, bounty coins distribution

Features & Benefits

Fee From each game

fee of the bank each game is distributed between the holders of coins & SuperNodes by the new technology SuperBlocks.

Absence of Emission

Total coins 240 000 000. The deflationary financial model.

Fee Tournament Fund

Fee tournament fund is fairly distributed among the holders in proportion to the generating balance.

Value of assets

Due to the constant demand for Poker Room players coins as gaming units and dynamically extensible platform.


Early participants are guaranteed up to 21% coins (50 400 000 COINS).

New Proof-of-Stake

New fair and eco-friendly algorithms PoS + SuperBlocks.

Exchange guarantees

As a stock exchange guarantee, the percentage of coins is distributed among exchanges on which SmartHoldem will be placed.

Fair distribution

Total 83% coins ICO. Unsold coins from 83% are distributed among ICO participants in proportion to the previously acquired coins automatically.

RoadMap SmartHoldem

  • 2017, Q1-Q2
    Idea and concept
    Selection of optimal technologies
    Develop Web Client ICO, bounty, statistics, support system
    Develop Core SmartHoldem (BlockChain, Genesis Block, Coins
    GameClient Prototype
    Full Wallet Prototype
    Testing Prototypes
    TestNet BlockChain SmartHoldem
    Advertising & Marketing Campaign
  • 2017, Q3
    Advertising & Marketing Campaign Platform
    Social Media Marketing
    Paper Wallet
    GameNet Base Network Start Develop
    SmartHoldem Community Web-Site
    SmartHoldem RPC Client
    Public API Documentation
    Gaming SDK Libraries UNITY 3D
  • 2017, Q4
    Develop Protocol SuperNodes GameNet
    Public Official Documentation & API
    Exchange Listing
    Advanced Transactions start develop
    SmartEvents Develop
    Type - Fast Transactions > 120k block / 15k/s
    SideChains SDK
    Gaming SDK Libraries UnreaL Engine
    Games with SDK SmartHoldem on Unreal Engine 4
    Mobile APP Wallet (Android)
    Decentralized Names
    Game Block Explorer in Full Wallet & GameClient
    Built-in programming language for automated SmartEvents-events
    API additional functions
    LightWallet Prototype
    Advertising & Marketing Campaign
  • 2018, Q1-Q2
    Official Testing GameClient, Game Advisors Players in TestNet
    SmartEvents Testing
    GameNet Nakama Testing
    GameClient + BlockChain + GameChain + Wallet
    Voting system
    Testing GameClient, Full Wallet, Web Server
    Improvements in usability and game mechanics in accordance with the received tests
    GameClient Mobile Devices
    Testing cloud decentralized network GameNet NAKAMA SuperNodes
    GameNet Alternative Network Develop Start (With insufficient capacity NAKAMA)
    Development of technology SmartEvents
    Start Integration SuperBlocks Fair PoS
    Exchange of names (at this stage it is possible to put a name for sale)
    Advertising & Marketing Campaign
  • 2018, Q3
    The development of the 2-tier approach to contracts, when contracts are in BlockChain, but are performed outside of it
    BlockChain + SmartEvents
    GameNet NAKAMA BlockChain integration
    Plugins System
    GameNet NAKAMA BlockChain & Wallet API integration
    A fully-featured cross-platform version of SmartHoldem GameClient (Linux, Win, Mac OS, IOS, Android) on decentralized DNS with a cloud-based game network GameNet
    Voting of holders on the development and scaling of the platform (connection of new gaming applications, for example Loto with an open self-regulatory fund, BlackJack etc ..)
    Integration with applications of the gambling segment created by other developers
    Team expansion SmartHoldem
    Tournament BackEnd Develop
    Advertising & Marketing Campaign
  • 2018, Q4
    Full documentation for apps developers
    BlockChain Affiliate for Informal thematic resources
    Develop Tournament Front End
    Advertising & Marketing Campaign
    Integration of additional functionality, such as PaperWallet Generator, better data compression
    BitCoin MAST MultiSig Transactions
  • 2019, Q1-Q4
    Voting of holders
    Transactions GameClient on acyclic graphs TestNet
    Updates and additions
    The tournament with a self-regulating fund, the initial amount of 1.2 million coins
    Integration of new protocols in accordance with the received researches in the field of data processing and compression
    Integration of new applications
    Continuation of community support, new developers and players
    Advertising & Marketing Campaign
  • 2020, Q1-Q4
    Voting of holders
    Updates and additions
    2nd Tournament with a self-regulating fund, with a bank received in the first tournament year
    Integration of new gaming applications
    Advertising & Marketing Campaign

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SmartHoldem News

Interview with the Techn0Log
2017-12-01 10:53

SmartHoldem is a zoomed gaming platform with a set of protocols to ensure gaming integrity and maintain anonymity of information, where all the net members do not need to trust each other or anyone. The platform is protected by a reliable distributed register with the advanced modified encryption technologies.

[BOUNTY] SmartHoldem
2017-09-21 22:05

We are happy to announce you the official SmartHoldem bounty program details. 
SmartHoldem PRE-ICO start on 12/09/2017, and before ICO SmartHoldem starts we invite you to participate in the our bounty campaign and help SmartHoldem project to build the wide and strong community.

ICO Pre-Sale
2017-08-16 09:34

The planned launch of Pre-Sale in September 2017.

We appreciate the trust of the early platform participants and added the following advantages to Pre ICO. Participating in the Pre-Sale you get tokens SmartHoldem at the minimum price of $ 0.00715 for 1 token. During the full ICO, the price of 1 token is $ 0.10 - $ 0.12

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